AssessmentsNow provides on-site and teleclass training programs related to the The Platinum Rule Behavioral Styles Assessment.  Some of the topics include:

  • Team Building

  • Improving Customer Relations

  • Communicating for Results

  • Collaborative Selling

  • Collaboration in the Work Place

Some of our coaches are qualified to deliver training.  Please check out our list in the coaching section to find one in your area.  Look for the *


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Roberta Hill offers various teleclass programs to help make the most out or your AssessmentsNow Behavioral Styles Assessment.  Up-coming classes can be found by clicking on the Teleclasses link to the left.

Using the Platinum Rule to Get the Results You (and Your Clients) Really Want  (LIVE with best selling author and motivational speaker Tony Alessandra)

You can listen to the tape of Tony Alessandra anytime . . .


At the end of this teleclass you will know:

1. What the Platinum Rule is and the four basic styles
2. Where this assessment has been used successfully
3. Why this is a powerful addition to your coaching practice
4. When to use this assessment
5. How you will benefit from using this tool

The Platinum Rule Behavioral Styles Assessment not only makes a great kick-off activity to any team building event, but can be a stand alone training event from one half to a full day.  Up  to 20 members from one team can be plotted on an e-Graph.  This data immediately visualizes the communicating styles and preferences of the team. 

The ease of administration and remote web access makes this a valuable tool for Virtual Teams and Project Teams.


Are you interested in adding this to your toolkit?  Why not partner with us? This tool is especially effective in teams.  Find out about our own Platinum Rule Associates Program.

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