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Statistics on the Changing Workplace

  • In 1994, 62% of the jobs that were eliminated were supervisory, managerial or professional (compared to 44% in 1991) and 85% of those who have lost white collar jobs will never get them back
  • Work that used to require a hundred workers a few years ago can be done by fifty today and probably ten tomorrow
  • Jobs are a social artifact - intelligence is the new form of property
  • We work on average 20 hours per month more than our parents did after W.W. II
  • 80% of jobs will be taken over by automation or cheaper labour in other countries
  • 35% of North Americans in the labour force either are unemployed or are temporary, part time or contractual workers (in Europe the figure is 50%)
  • The employee-employer contract has now been broken and loyalty to the organization no longer ensures job security
  • Technology is complex and no one person can "know" a function completely; we will need to collaborate with each other
  • Organizations are becoming flatter and more horizontal
  • Bureaucracy is ineffective when dealing with the multidimensional complexity caused by the diversity of customers, employees, partners, suppliers and technologies
  • Functional-based work based on single skills are being replaced by project based work with multi-skilled knowledge workers
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