Are you lawyers? No, we are OD Consultants.
O.K. What is OD? Organization Development:
  1. is a planned change effort.
  2. involves the total system.
  3. is managed from the top.
  4. is designed to increase organization effectiveness and health.
  5. achieves its goals through planned interventions using behavioural science knowledge.

    (based on the work of Richard Beckhard)
What do you mean by "interventions"? That's a little more complicated. Before we even get to the actual intervention, we have to consider the various data gathering and diagnostic tools. But let's say we done the proper analysis. Then a whole number of OD interventions are available, often in combination with others. Some of them are:
  • individual coaching
  • process consultation
  • team building
  • survey and feedback
  • training
  • whole systems change
  • work redesign / reengineering

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Does that logo of yours mean anything? Of course! Even if it didn't, we would make something up! The three smaller arrow heads stand for People, Processes, and Purpose all moving forward together in synergy and alignment to achieve organizational change and productivity.
Sounds pretty esoteric. So what do you charge? Our rates vary on the type of work requested and the location of work. Our top rate for facilitation and stand up delivery is $1,300US per diem. We charge up to $1,000US per diem for consulting, design and studies. Expenses are additional.
How international are you? Historically, our work has been located primarily in Ontario, Canada. We have worked from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland. Ginger is a U.S. citizen and with her relocation to Dallas, is doing all of her work in the U.S. Roberta is a British citizen and can work and travel throughout European Economic Countries. We would love to develop a small percentage of our business in Europe, but right now it is all North America.

Providing Management Consulting Services in facilitation, training, restructuring conflict resolution, team building, coaching, leadership and communications (specifically body language)


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